Footstep Sounds Pack


We are really proud to announce our new Footstep Sounds Pack, with 650 high quality sounds divided into more than 13 surfaces, along with monsters, robotic and classic retro sounds! Most of them come with walking and running variations.

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Halloween Music and Sound Effects Pack 2017

A spooky collection of 111 audio files , divided into fresh music, stings and events, background ambiences soundscapes & sound effects for your spooky projects. 

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Package content:

This pack comes with eight seamless loop music files, suitable for lots of game genres and moods. 
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Stings and events: 
Eighteen little musical phrases that you can use for special events in your game, like a "level up", when you lose the game or when a ghost appears! 
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Background ambiences:
Comes with fourteen samless loop audio files like scary winds, rains and creepy drone atmospheric soundscapes. 
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Sound Effects.
Seventy one high quality sound effects, ranging from bats, witch laughs, evil creatures, horror voices and interface sounds. 
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