Distortions is a game of musical psychodrama. Set in a barren, surreal environment, a girl embarks on a journey of self-knowledge. The only things she can rely on are an old violin and a lonely, forgotten road.



Among Giants is developing an ambitious project, and we were very happy when they chose us to create an important piece of music for the project. They came with references like latin music and post rock, a weird combination wich we love and tried to embrace with respect.

We decide to use the acoustic guitar for its intense usage in latin music and as a guideline to treat this track in an organic way. By using the electric guitar and ambiences / glitch effects, we sought a dissonant aspect explicited in the game scene and a way to connect to the rest of the soundtrack, heavily based on post rock music.

We had some gameplay limitations when developing the music - we could use only four notes to develop our harmonic center in the song, as it's the same notes you have to play with the violin in the scene. Also, we had to develope a melodic line with the violin that would progress as you play it, enriching the gameplay and giving an overall sense of evolution.