Help the wizard to defend his castle against the golems as long as possible in this super funny and fast paced tower defense game. 



sound effec

sound effect


voice over

Gray company developed a hardcore tower defense game as asked for our help to give it a sonic upgrade by using music, sound effects and voice over.

In this project, we wanted to give the protagonist a very funny special touch, using voice over in English and Portuguese language to engage and encourage the player. We designed funny phrases with references to pop and game culture, being also very careful to adapt the texts to remain comic in both languages. These phrases would be dynamically triggered depending on the actions the character takes in game, for example when you kill multiple golems, get hit in a row or use the special power.

The function of gameplay music is basically to dictate and support the pace of the game, but also to set this medieval battle mood in each play. The menu music is a soft variation of the gameplay song.

As it is a game with a frenetic pace, we defined that the function of the sound effects would be primarily to draw the player's attention to certain events, avoiding to overload him/her with visual information.