Estudio Cafofo talks about Sound Design

Yesterday we went to UNESA (Nova América - Rio de Janeiro), to talk about Sound Design in videogames with students from the Game Development Course!

It was an amazing experience meeting the students and being able to help them realize the importance of music and audio for games, helping the project's visibility and even beeing a successful instrument of monatization.

We took a brief overview with some examples of different pieces of audio, explaining the differences between soundtrack, ambiance and sound effects.

We also talked about how to get music and sound effects for your project and a little about market values. In addition, we present tools for creating music and sound effects that can be used by developers and game designers, even with little knowledge in music.

This is the first of many lectures we're planning, and the result could not be better. Explaining the importance of music in games shows the importance of our work for the success of a game.

Special thanks to Marcelo Vasconcellos for the invite, to UNESA and, of course, the students for the patience!