Distortions is on Greenlight!

Our new game is on Greenlight and needs your vote!

You can check one of the soundtracks developed by us in the official gameplay trailer.
We will also contribute with one more track in the future - a very special one.

Please click here to vote and help us go on Steam!

distortions Forgotten_woods.jpg

A girl wakes up in a strange place where time seems to stand still. While she recovers her identity by reminiscing with the help of a strange masked man, she must decide what to leave behind to move on with her life and expectations.

FISH on Greenlight

FISH: An old school FPS with a hook is live on greenlight and we need your support. 

We are currently developing music, sound effects and voice over for this awesome project based on a famous novel here in Brazil. Tuba (the crazy mind behind it) wanted to use adaptive samba rock music for it, so he thought we were the right dudes. And here we are :)

We would love your support, so please click here and vote up for Greenlight (while it's still running). Also, you can follow the development on the official website and facebook page.


Explottens is on Steam Greenlight


Our latest project, Explottens is awaiting approval at Steam Greenlight and you can help!

Just give your "yes"! Click here.

We are very excited to see the game released for PCs and mobile devices in the near future. In this project, we develop the sound effects and music.

Nosso último projeto, Explottens está esperando aprovação no Steam Greenlight e você pode ajudar!

Basta votar "sim" clicando aqui.

Estamos muito animados para ver o jogo sendo lançado para PC e (futuramente) mobile. Neste projeto, realizamos o desenvolvimento dos efeitos sonoros e músicas

Congrats Pokemon!

Pokémon Red and Green were released → TWENTY ONE ← years ago in Japan, so we made a humble tribute to this amazing game, directly from our studio. Can you guess what song is this?

Pokemon "Red" e "Green" foi lançado HÁ VINTE UM ANOS no japão, então fizemos uma humilde homenagem ao jogo que mexeu com muita gente, diretamente do nosso estúdio. Você consegue adivinhar que música que é?